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Our objectives

1. To save the only open green space left in Greenacres.

2. To ensure that we, as Greenacres residents, have true representation in the new District Facilities Steering Committee, which will guide the next phase of decision-making. Since 80% of the next facilities bond will be invested in Greenacres School, we need to have a say.

3. To ensure a clear, transparent and open process in obtaining the final recommendation on the investment in our school.  

4. To work together in providing suggestions/feedback and asking the right questions, so that the best possible outcome benefits our kids and community members alike. 


A group of Greenacres residents who are alarmed that our Greenacres Field is at risk of being destroyed. Our worries were magnified after the publication of the KG&D Feasibility Study draft by the Scarsdale Board of Education. This study included an "Option C" which recommended that Greenacres School be torn down and rebuilt on the Greenacres Field with the addition of a huge gym. 

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